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About Masaki Matsuka

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Masaki Matsuka is the main brand in Barbara's International Fashion Group. The main goal was to create an international three-dimensional artistic high-end fashion collection. The design team was athered from Milan, Tokyo, and Paris. This team's work can be compared to the world's top fashion designers.

The collection focuses on simplicity and the 3-D style was inspired by the natural free flow essence of nature itself. The designs are exquisitely detailed, the folding process is original in it's simplicity, the colors are vibrant and aluminous in their beauty, and the fabric is of the highest quality, all of these descriptions elaborate on how special and unique this brand is.

Masaki Matsuka shows an incredible understanding of how far fashion has come and where it stands in this day and age. It is inherited from the fascinating tradition and the styles are highly personalized. Comfort and elegance are key when it comes to this brand's products. The design's basic concept is to create clothes that weightlessly flow on your body and give you a sensation of freedom. The products are extremely easy to carry because of the way they are made. They can easily be folded without getting wrinkled, and they can be compressed, therefore one can pack a couple outfits in a small bag . The clothes are extremely easy to maintain, they can be hand washed with soap, and will be completely dry within half an hour. These designs are perfect for a business trip or an elegant wedding.

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