Long sleeve Origami top with vertical Pattern

Masaki Matsuka

Masaki Matsuka is a very special brand that merges the essence of Eastern Culture with chic design of western culture. Specializing in a very unique style of pleats our designs are not only one of a kind they are easy to take care of and even easier to store. We take the time and effort to hand fold every pleat into your design making every piece a work of art.

This beautiful design is truly one of a kind. With our signature origami pleat each line has been hand folded into this design to create a true 3 dimensional look. With a vertical lines this design gives off a natural sliming effect. 

  • Limited edition
  • Satin Blend
  • Vertical Lining 
  • One size
  • Wrinkle Free
  • Full sleeve 
  • Hand Washable
  • Stain Resistant

No need to take our designs to the dry cleaner or worry about having multiple suitcases for a trip. With Masaki Matsuka all our designs are able to be rolled up into a small cylinder making packing a breeze. You can easily fit over 50 items in a standard carry on suitcase. Since they are wrinkle free our designs are easily carried with you in any handbag and the stain resistant nature makes care a breeze. Simply hand wash with one drop of body soap, then let them hang dry and in less than one hour you will be ready for any situation. Its time to rise up as a trend influencer its time to lead the world into an enlightenment of fashion. Masaki Matsuka is the clothing of the future are you part of the revolution?


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