Scrunch pleat trench coat with belt

Masaki Matsuka

Masaki Matsuka is a very special brand that merges the essence of Eastern Culture with chic design of western culture. Specializing in a very unique style of pleats our designs are not only one of a kind they are easy to take care of and even easier to store. We take the time and effort to hand fold every pleat into your design making every piece a work of art. With long sleeves and a crew neck this design is truly one of a kind.

This elegant piece features our signature scrunch pleating creating a unique dimensional look and feel. The polyester blend allows for maximum comfort and ease. Featuring a sash belt and two pockets it also has multiple button hole placements allowing for it to be be worn multiple ways.

This coat is truly a work of art, hand made to perfection each scrunched pleat has been meticulously crafted to bring this piece to life. With a 2/3 body cut this design sits at most peoples calfs. With a belt and button hook at the top this coat can be worn a number of ways creating a new feel from each. 

  • Limited edition
  • Belted
  • Pockets 
  • One size fits all
  • Wrinkle free
  • Stain resistant 
  • Hand washable 

No need to take our designs to the dry cleaner or worry about having multiple suitcases for a trip. With Masaki Matsuka all our designs are able to be rolled up into a small cylinder making packing a breeze. You can easily fit over 50 items in a standard carry on suitcase. Since they are wrinkle free our designs are easily carried with you in any handbag and the stain resistant nature makes care a breeze. Simply hand wash with one drop of body soap, then let them hang dry and in less than one hour you will be ready for any situation. Masaki Matsuka strives to be the industry leader in future fashion, constantly pushing the boundaries and breaking the mold.

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